Facts and FAQs

What is U3 Bermuda? – A select Bermuda that is commonly grown in this area. Ideal for any space unless mostly shaded; U3 Bermuda is not a shade grass. Great for high traffic areas with children and pets. This is the only variety we carry.

Big rolls– Our rolls are 42″ wide and 103′ long. One will cover a 360 sf area. They weigh approximately 1400 lbs. You can carry one in the back of a full size pick-up. We have many customers that pick them up for those small do it yourself jobs. Call the day before you would like to pick up and we will cut it fresh for you. Big rolls are the way to go!

Installation– We have a 5000sf minimum. Installed on your prepared grade. We install both residential and commercial. Call today to get on the schedule!

What time of year can we put down grass? We cut and install grass year around. The Bermuda does go dormant in the winter. Many don’t want to track dirt in their new home or they have an erosion problem. The sod will just lay there asleep until spring and then root down at that time.

How to tips:

Preparing your ground before sod is essential to the success of your new lawn. You will need to remove any existing weeds or grass and have your area as level and even as possible. This will be beneficial for years to come as you mow and maintain it.

When installing big rolls by hand they cut real easy with a box blade or a razor blade. You will need to cut them into smaller pieces to handle when unloading from your truck.

Watering your new sod is both crucial and necessary immediately upon installation. In the warmer months you will need to keep it moist until it roots down. Then just water as often as you would the rest of your lawn.

Fertilizer is always a good idea, especially a good starter fertilizer like a 10-20-10. The sod has been fertilized regularly in the field but a starter will help it in the transition.

Mowing can take place as soon as your Bermuda has rooted down. Just care for it as you would the rest of your lawn.

Call us today and we will get you on the way to the beautiful yard you have been dreaming of. 405 691-0149

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